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Adding a Team Name


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Team Name

We typically advise to send out the emails and surveys in your own name to establish the trust and strengthen the relationship between you and your client contact.

By default, the emails and surveys are sent out under your name and your company's name.

Sometimes your relationship with your clients isn't on a personal level or you simply have too many Contacts that it doesn't allow you to be on a name basis with them.

In these instances we've created a "Group name" or "Team name" so instead of the emails coming from your name they appear a name of your choosing.

In our demo example, the Company Pied Piper is sending out to Front Line users of their software. There is often more employee churn with these users so they don't have the chance to build a long term relationship with many of the front line users. Here the Pied Piper admin can create a Team Name "Team Pied Piper".

  1. Select Teams from the left hand menu

2. Click on the Plus sign to add a new Team or on the Pencil to edit an existing Team profile

3. Add the name of the team (both internal name and external name that is visible to your Contact)

4. Now email survey invites will be on half of the team name

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Kári Thor Runarsson - Cliezen CEO

Kári Thor Runarsson - Cliezen CEO
I really hope this answers all of your questions. If not, I am always here to help.
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