Satisfaction and experience measure

Assessing customer satisfaction and experience is crucial for sustaining and growing your company's repeat business.

Cause of dissatisfaction identified

Cliezen excels at identifying satisfaction levels, pinpointing dissatisfaction causes, and recommending ways to enhance the customer experience.

Automation and increased efficiency

Our AI engine selects from 350+ academically validated questions, adjusting to diverse industries, respondent roles, and unique B2B relationship aspects and administers the surveys automatically.

Proprietary methodology for complex B2B relationships

Business relationships and connections in the B2B market are complex. Therefore, a single-question approach or simple standardized questions (such as NPS - Net Promoter Score) are insufficient for this intricate and dynamic environment. 

With Cliezen you automate the process and receive real-time feedback throughout the year from your clients, providing deeper insights into their experiences and satisfaction at each point in time, as well as the causes of their dissatisfaction. 

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Automation, Artificial Intelligence and increased performance

Cliezen is a user-friendly solution that alerts you to address clients with experience gaps, prioritizes those at high churn risk, and details the required actions.

We use a specialized AI engine to assists in crafting communication and organizing CX tasks, enabling 10x more client outreach.

With a quick setup, automated measurements at your chosen intervals, and real-time insight into customer experience and satisfaction, Cliezen streamlines your client management.

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Increased revenue and reduced churn

Competition in B2B is fierce with constantly increasing competitive pressure and decreasing customer loyalty. This leaves exceptional customer experience as the determining factor when it comes to client loyalty.

Studies emphasize the importance of nurturing existing customers, as it's 7-11 times more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

Ensuring client satisfaction by addressing user needs, wants and expectations, and outperforming competitors is vital to reducing customer churn.

Regularly assessing your products and services and promptly addressing negative experiences is key to maintaining and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Higher response rates
and greater efficiency

Obtain feedback from a significant portion of your customer base to ensure statistically representative and reliable insights into their experiences, needs, and wants. Otherwise you risk making decisions about your business that benefit a limited subset of your clients and could alienate the majority due to insufficient data.

(Average B2B Response Rate)
(Average Response Rate)

For client-focused businesses that strive for continuous client experience improvement

10x ROI

Prevent customer dissatisfaction from day one with Cliezen. In just 20 minutes, you can have the system installed and operational.
Cliezen runs seamlessly in the background, alerting you when a customer requires attention.
Our affordable monthly subscription offers significant return on investment through increased business and enhanced customer satisfaction.

NPS kannanir

NPS is a Flawed Metric

The concept behind NPS (Net Promoter Score) is good for its use in the consumer markets (B2C) but its execution falls short when used in B2B environments.

NPS's low B2B industry average of 5-11% response rates and therefor the inability to provide insight into the causation of client dissatisfaction, NPS has been withered down to a vanity metric for management at most B2B companies.

A myriad of factors can impact experience, loyalty and satisfaction in a dynamic B2B relationship, making it difficult to pinpoint causal relationships between score changes and underlying reasons without the correct approach.

Cliezen is a light-touch solution that effectively delivers valuable insights into customer dissatisfaction and the root cause, enabling you to address issues promptly. With only a 20-second input for your clients, Cliezen provides a more comprehensive understanding of their wants, needs and expectations.

Prevent Client Churn with 95% Efficiency

Cliezen enables you to detect even the slightest customer annoyance early, allowing you to address concerns before issues fester and snowball, leading to client dissatisfaction and deciding not to renew their contracts. 

By proactively identifying issues and taking corrective action, you can strengthen customer relationships, enhance loyalty, and reduce the likelihood of them seeking alternative service providers. 

Cliezen's timely intervention helps safeguard your business from potential financial losses and promotes long-term client satisfaction and retention.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Cliezen’s software not only showcases your customer experience but also offers comparative metrics from participating companies in your industry, enabling you to assess the same service elements across different organizations. 

Cliezen can reveal your strengths in comparison to others, including your competitors, highlighting areas where your company excels and where improvements are needed. 

Cliezen’s comprehensive analysis allows you to better understand your competitive advantage and areas for growth.

Cliezen is the only dedicated non NPS-based feedback solution developed exclusively for B2B relationships

Leveraging cutting-edge academic research in marketing management, psychology, and business studies, Cliezen's innovative methodology redefines customer experience and satisfaction measurement for B2B relationships. 
This pioneering approach enables real-time monitoring of customer experiences across all touchpoints throughout the business relationship, ensuring continuous feedback and improvement.

Get started today - every day brings new insights into the customer experience

"After we started using Cliezen, we have received many times more feedback from clients than before, and a much better insight into their experience. An intuitive and easy to use web interface helps us to understand what causes the experience so that we can change and improve the customer experience for the better."

- Hrefna Sif Jonsdottir, Tixly CEO

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About Cliezen

Our Story
Founded by successful entrepreneurs seeking deeper insights into their client base, Cliezen's mission is to bridge the experience gap and fortify relationships between you and your most valuable asset—your clients.
Our Vision
Emphasizing the importance of communication in client relationships, we aim to streamline this process through technology while predicting when human interaction is essential for course correction.
Our Technology
Harnessing advanced AI algorithms, Cliezen analyzes inputs from your clients and anonymized data from our network to anticipate market trends, empowering you to stay steps ahead of churn.