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The idea behind Cliezen is very simple:
To make a client quick feedback tool that doesn't suck like NPS

NPS isn't helping you

The idea behind NPS is great - unfortunately the execution doesn't deliver. Whether it's the horrible 11% answer ratio in B2B or the lack of any insight behind client dissatisfaction - NPS has been reduced down to a vanity metric for management.

Cliezen is light touch like NPS but actually delivers insight into why your clients aren't happy... this allows you to reach back to them and correct what's gone wrong. All in under 30 seconds for your client!

Prevent Client Churn

Often you won't know a client isn't satisfied until they suddenly don't renew their monthly or yearly contract. Unfortunately, by then it's usually too late to do anything as they will have moved on and signed with another service they think will fulfill their needs better!

Cliezen gives you valuable time to save your

client relationship and prevent loss of revenue

before it's too late.

Client Experience Gap Warning

Our AI can detect and address key areas of dissatisfaction stemming from the experience gap of your most valuable clients before anyone on your team does!

Cliezen gives you actionable insights to strengthen your client relationship and increase revenue by understanding their needs better.

B2B customer satisfaction pulse survey

Get Ahead of the Churn with Cliezen!

With a quick and light-touch solution you get regular feedback from your clients about their experience with your service and products.

Our AI-driven insights uncover possible problems before they arise and the Cliezen system sends you proactive insights and suggestions on how to turn around any negative trends. This will result in a stronger client relationship that will continue to prosper.




Started by successful entrepreneurs that have had the dilemma of not having the insight wanted into their client base - our mission is to close the experience gap and to strengthen the relationship with you and your most valuable asset, your clients.


Communication is key in a client relationship as in any human relationship. We strive to make this process seamless while using technology to predict when human interaction is needed to correct the course.


We utilize cutting-edge AI algorithms to the inputs from your clients and anonymous results from other datapoints in our network to predict market behaviour. This allows you to stay a few steps ahead of the churn.


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Kasia K.  |  CEO of Authenteq

"This is definately something that we have needed for a long time. It's crucial for our business to understand what our clients experience in our business relationship. Cliezen gives us a heads up if the system detects something that needs special care so we can continue to meet and exceed their expectations"


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