Helping Companies in Achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 Compliance

Unlock the power of Cliezen, the revolutionary B2B client experience platform that not only replaces outdated metrics like NPS but also aids companies in achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 compliance. Learn how our dynamic feedback forms and machine learning algorithms offer deep insights into customer satisfaction and experience.
Kari Thor Runarsson
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How Customer Feedback is a Critical Part of ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 Compliance

Customer satisfaction, feedback, and experience are no longer mere buzzwords—they're absolute necessities for a large part of companies in competitive industries. While traditional metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) have been the go-to methods for assessing customer experience, they've proven to be woefully inadequate, especially for B2B companies. But let’s not get bogged down in the pitfalls of NPS for now; we’ll get to that.

In this short article we will show how using Cliezen can help companies be ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 compliant using our revolutionary B2B client experience and satisfaction measurement platform designed to bring you dynamic, real-time feedback. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide deeper insights into customer wants, needs, and experiences. Not only does Cliezen offer a new level of customer understanding, but it can also assist companies in complying with international quality standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 10002.

ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems. The aim is to help organizations meet customer requirements while adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service. A significant part of ISO 9001 involves monitoring, documenting, reviewing, and analyzing customer satisfaction.

Streamlining the Process of Collecting Customer Feedback

If your company is on the path to ISO 9001 certification, you'll find Cliezen’s dynamic feedback system incredibly useful. These short, punchy, and dynamic surveys eliminate the tedious process often associated with collecting and analysing customer feedback. Instead of burdening your clients with long, time-consuming surveys, Cliezen's method gives them the freedom to express their opinions quickly and genuinely, dramatically increasing response rates.

Identifying Areas for Improvement in Products and Services

One of the central tenets of ISO 9001 is the continuous improvement of products and services. Traditional methods like NPS do a poor job in this arena. They offer vague, generalized feedback that leaves companies guessing about specific areas needing improvement. Cliezen, however, delves deeper. It uses machine learning to analyze multiple data points, not only highlighting problem areas but also offering actionable insights. This level of detail is critical in aligning with ISO 9001’s emphasis on continual improvement.

Demonstrating a Strong Customer Focus and Commitment to Quality

ISO 9001 certification requires a demonstrable commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality service. Cliezen automates many of the mundane customer experience and customer service tasks, freeing your Customer Success Managers (CSM), Account Managers (AM), and other key personnel to focus on more strategic, value-added activities. This shift in focus clearly communicates your commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, key components in achieving ISO 9001 compliance.

ISO 10002: Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling

ISO 10002 is the international standard for customer satisfaction and complaints handling. It's a guide for companies aiming to develop a robust complaints management system, from identifying customer complaints to rectifying them.

Efficiently Collect Customer Complaints and Dissatisfaction Data

When it comes to customer complaints, the sooner you know, the sooner you can act. Traditional methods for gathering this data are slow and often ineffective, leading to escalating issues and, ultimately, customer churn. Cliezen's real-time feedback system streamlines the collection process, ensuring rapid and efficient capture of customer complaints and dissatisfaction data.

Identifying and Addressing the Root Causes of Complaints

The power of Cliezen lies in its machine learning algorithms, which sift through complaints to identify root causes. Once identified, the system 'automagically' creates actions to eliminate these root causes, perfectly aligning with ISO 10002’s objective of not just logging complaints, but resolving them efficiently.

Demonstrating a Commitment to Resolving Customer Issues and Improving Satisfaction

ISO 10002 places a strong emphasis on demonstrating a commitment to address customer issues effectively. The system Cliezen employs not only detects negative trends but also highlights them for immediate action. It saves time for Customer Success Managers (CSM) and Account Managers (AM), freeing them from tedious manual tasks and allowing them to focus on strategic customer engagement.

Why Traditional Metrics Like NPS Fall Short

We would be remiss if we didn't address the elephant in the room—why traditional methods like NPS (or other one-question-fits-all approaches such as CSAT or CES) are not effective, especially for B2B companies aiming for ISO compliance. The NPS system is fundamentally flawed, offering merely a surface-level understanding of customer satisfaction. It fails to identify the underlying causes of dissatisfaction and offers little in the way of actionable insights.

In contrast, Cliezen’s machine learning algorithms and dynamic feedback methodology offer a more holistic, actionable view into the customer experience. They can detect negative trends, identify their root causes, and provide actionable steps to resolve them. This depth of understanding is vital for any organization but especially so for those seeking to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 compliance.


There is increased focused on customer satisfaction, feedback, and experience, not only by companies but not the least from the customer themselves who demand satisfaction. Cliezen offers a much-needed alternative to outdated models like NPS or lengthy annual survey forms.

Cliezen not only provides companies with the tools they need to deeply understand their clients but also aligns perfectly with the rigorous requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 certifications. By leveraging Cliezen's innovative features, companies can make a quantum leap in customer understanding, service delivery, and quality—core tenets of ISO compliance and, indeed, business success.

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